Haitian people are not lazy and they have started working on...

Moricette - April 15 2011, 12:46 PM

Haitian people are not lazy and they have started working on removing rubble and rebuilding.

The issue is 1) There is not enough equipment to remove the debris.

2) once the rubble is removed who has the money to rebuild?

is it going to be for free as in will the Gov of Haiti rebuild all the destroyed property 3) Were do you put all this debris once you have removed it?

Were do you send it to be processed it needs to be regrounded and turned to cement/bricks to rebuild.

My last visit to Haiti in August 2010 was an eye opener.

I was under the impression as you are that people are just sitting by ideally sorry to disappoint you they arent'.

People are posting words like lazy bones when I have witnessed with my own 2 eyes several groups of volunteers (Haitians not NGO's) in Carrefour, Delmas and Bel Air cleaning and removing rubble with mininal equipement (meaning there bair hands).

When you know were these people can relocate tons of debris please let Haiti know!!! And your right on one accout it is pure non sense that these people would have to waite 20 years to see there city rebuilt.

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