Not only to reduce crime, also to educate the haitian people...

Richelle - April 7 2011, 7:17 AM

not only to reduce crime, also to educate the haitian people about self esteem:such as do not sele your own people for any amount of american dallars, watch each others back, love your country, do not destroy even you upset with the gorvernment, respect students.

We haitian have a value no other country have. Being the first from all the black nation on this earth.

To have the strengfh to break the slavery circle, and pave the way for the rest of other black nation.What a owsome history about us as haitian.This is why I take pride being haitian.

I do not care what others say about my native home. If somebody not stupid when you ask me where are u from, I respond Haiti you should remember history!because haitian are remakeble.Not because we poor!this is what other countries want us to think and the rest of the world.But that is not the real reason.The real reason is because of who we are, the power we have. Other big countries are fight constantly to destroy us as a nation, the never succeed and never will.This is a very good example about this election.

If the haitian people was not make themselves ready to fight back, if michel was not elected as our next president.

Those pretenders would not let michel elected.They know we do not take no b s, even we know we will die we get on with it anyway.

I just hope michel take these efforts haitian have made to elcted him.So now he better get to work to change our face in the face of the wold.This is the begining of the fight.

Those pretenders, will use our own peolpe to overthrow him when he start say no to them.They will make things difficult for him.This is the time for him to start educate the haitian people about this particular subject.

I wish him all the best and Jehovah bless him.


President Michel Martelly

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