You guys know that this is the person that lost both my...

Kainoa Thomas Spheeris - March 29 2011, 6:35 AM

You guys know that this is the person that lost both my parents in Florida and met Lutza Noel that still owes me ten thousand dollars after saving her home and vehicle in Florida! I have suffered long enough in Maui, Hawaii and am taking severe legal actions against her, this will damage her reputation as well possibe jail time, I've given her ample time and her mother in Haiti, helped a little, at this point we have her loation and info to serve legal papers, even upon claiming bankrupcy she will also be made to pay legal court fees and other accfruid damages, I have been devasted and can no longer wait she has not even called, she is not denying the debt, I even got guarantees from her Pastor(Carlos Malone) Baptist church in South Fl.!

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