Yes, Myrtho,enough respect, you are sitting in your office...

Em - March 27 2011, 12:43 AM

yes, Myrtho,enough respect, you are sitting in your office listening to what they call in Haiti (tripotaye)since America call it intelligence there is a big business on that and that is how the brain of the Haitian youth get over toasted beyond repair, with no real education given for them to know what is really going on.Our Haitian youth have been trained to, in the name of democracy, be the next guerillas, ready to war with their own folks, leaders,government every time their ghosts bosses command them youth to pass a (l'attaque)My people have ears, sad enough they do not use it to positive knowledge yet they open the ears wide open with big interest to lies, difamation,hatred and propagandas.

Nobody knows, unless you are in the media business, how risky it is for someone that is not for sale to go on screening important educative and necessary news for the ones that need it.I assure you that, your presentation on the"cholera, Haiti is the source",besides being in the media myself I never stumble upon such materiel.

Thank you, may CREATOR protect and bless you.Salut, keep the good work

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It is hard for me to read creole.I am more...

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