He probably shot himself by accident, or one of his friends...

Josy - March 21 2011, 3:15 PM

He probably shot himself by accident, or one of his friends did and he does not want to make a big deal. Haitians tend to bite the hands that feed them, and Mr. Wyclef Jean has restored our name. It is because of him that young, and old are no longer ashamed to say "I am Haitian".

He is trying hard to make things better for millions, and poured his own money in the projects.

He is using his position, and status in the world to bring investors in the country.

He is clearly not defending his own interests, and endorsed Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly.

I can go on, and on about what this gentleman has done for Haitian.

The thought of one of them shooting him is very sad, and show the world we are animals.

I do not know if Buster was in his car, and it would even be worst because Wycleef encouraged him to come to Haiti.

He is therefore responsible for Buster's safety, and others who came to the country at his request.

I am hoping, and praying this incident would not discouraged others who want to do good by us.


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