Presently, Haiti is in no position to attract foreign...

David Grant - February 26 2011, 10:01 PM

Presently, Haiti is in no position to attract foreign investors.

It has to regulate this volatile political climate that is plaguing the country.

And this is up to the politicians and the Haitian people to arrive at the decision to stabilize these political mishaps.

We may be rich in mineral resources.However, for an investor to part with his money in such a ccclimate, it is risky business and an uncertainty.

Many third world countries have over the years, tried in creative ways to attract foreign investors.

Some companies have received tax free concession for ten or twenty years and also, free water and electricity.

In return, they have to employ local citizen at a fair wage.
However, this has not always been working well. After the tax holidays and so on and so forth, trade unions demands and changes in political directorates have deteriorates those agreements.

In the end, those companies have left those countries and go elsewhere, where they can receive similar head start.The shell they leave behind, are in a delapidated state; beyond repairs, thus of no use to the government.

As a matter of fact, those investors are not in the business of charity; they are there to make a profit and enrich themselves.

Therefore, government should be aware of this, and be cautious accordingly.

Needless to say, it is always prudent to give it a try.


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