That would definately work in Haiti's favor especially with...

Negbelair - February 26 2011, 6:02 PM

that would definately work in Haiti's favor especially with the subject of oil and natural gas in Haiti.

It seems like no one wants to talk about it when it's all over the internet why won't any body mention oil and natural gas one of the largest reserve in the world underneath port-au-prince why are we scared to talk about it?

let's get foreign companies to come and drill for our natural resources and develp Haiti.

We are rich enough to help our own selves with a little push from big countries thre will be something in it for them as well. The only reason why we have been called impoverished Haiti for so long is because we are so filthy rich that they want to keep us blind so we don't see our riches for them alone to see so that they can steal it (vole li) right under our noses don't be fooled my brothers and sisters we are very very very super rich. We have Gold, Coper, Oil, Natural Gas, Marbal, Grenite and other natural resources that have been found already.

We have more oil and natural gas than Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago combined.

halla at me

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