I like the idea very much, and would rather private Haitian...

Josy - February 26 2011, 4:50 PM

I like the idea very much, and would rather private Haitian investors take over after 20 years.

I would like to add a couple requests, and would require that the company builts all the roads in the area. We had Reynolds extracting "aluminium", and I believe the company found gold or perhaps diamonds.

The roads that lead to the company is not paved, and it upsets me.
I want those companies to have clinics for the employees, and their children.

How about two meals a day for the workers?

Their children should be able to use the beach, and the pool. I have been to Dominica, and observed it at my hotel.

How about a daycare at the hotel for small children?

The hotels are throwing food in the garbage, and why not feed the employees' kids wit it. How about scholarships?

training in the industry for our youths?


It does not cost that much, and we should not settle just for jobs. I am also interested in low cost housing for the employees.

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