I totally agree with you. We need big investments, as you...

Etienne - February 26 2011, 11:22 AM

I totally agree with you. We need big investments, as you mentioned, by willing investors to develop in some of the beautiful coastal areas in Haiti.

I am sure there are corporations out there who want to invest in Haiti but the political instability in Haiti is keeping them away for now. We need to get our house in order by taking care of the people, reduce crime, and create jobs, for start.

Then we can advertize, like they do in DR, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, etc. to attract those big Corporations like Marriott.

Hopefully, the next president will make it a priority.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have invested in Labadee and is a perfect example of how to make it happen.

Good, honest negotiations without all the red tapes...I can see Haiti becoming a vibrant tourist destination once again...

To the next president of Haiti: If you are reading this, put that on your agenda as a top priority.

Attract investments for Haiti and create a better living condition for the Haitian people.

We deserve better.

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