Woodring no need to aplolgise, i do speak write and read all 3...

Thomas - February 23 2011, 5:53 PM

Woodring no need to aplolgise, i do speak write and read all 3 of them. in fact i realy disapointed in someone who call himself or herself haitian who can not speak the creole language even fluently, my child did not born or live in haiti, but i do teach him our creole language, it is a must, if you don't do that and still call yourself haitian you make big mistake, i don't care about the french language, believe it or not, that french language kept haitian education level way behind.

Last woodring i like it when you put a little of spicy, like piman, epice, echalotte, you know thigs like that with the creole language in the articles, specialy when you add them in the politik article.

If Wyclef did ignore the creole language, it would be big mistake, then it would feel sorry when he needed the most, or he would have to leave with it and forget about hatian POLITIK, Lol..

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