Since last year, I intended to go to carnival in Haiti as I...

David Grant - February 23 2011, 9:20 AM

Since last year, I intended to go to carnival in Haiti as I have done the many years gone by. Anyhow, I had to change my plan due to the earthquakes.

Still, I did go to see what had left in the country after all the terrible news I got from international news agencies.

Nevertheless, when I got there, the situation was thoroughly overwhelming.

The money I had with for "bamboche", I had to share with my people.

I do know that there was a rumor of a carnival 2011, but was unsure whether this was feasible.

Now that you have given reassurance that the festivities will be on, I will have to contact a few friends to find out if they are in the mood for carnival or whether Haiti can host a truly enjoyable carnival.

Maybe carnival in Jacmel though petite, should be the way to go.
Having whet my appetite, I wonder whether I have sufficient time to make it there.

I may try though.


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