I personally only know English, but can use Google Translate...

Alister Wm Macintyre - February 22 2011, 1:55 PM

I personally only know English, but can use Google Translate when I am intrigued by some subject.

I suspect you have many English subscribers because the mainstream news about Haiti inside USA, Britain, Canada etc. is inadequate.

If our mainstream news outlets were doing a competent job of covering what's going on in other nations, then less of us would be going to outlets in those nations to find out what is happening.

Supposedly there is software available for web sites, to provide automatic translation.

As a minimum, I think you should try to work towards:
Headlines appear in both language of the article, and also a translated version, so people can see if they are interested in rest being translated.

Also a link on your site, to facilitate making this easy for people.

The automatic translation software is not Star Trek Universal translator ...

a lot is lost in translation.

But it is better than nothing for people who are not bilingual.

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