STOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Don't change nothing! I LOOOOOVVVE the...

Jacques L - February 22 2011, 10:54 AM

STOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Don't change nothing! I LOOOOOVVVE the way you write.

It is who we are: a multilingual people, sometimes confusing ourselves, but having lots of fun with it. If you want the news, pick up and paper or go to an official newspaper site. If you want HAITIAN blog, start learning cren-glish!!!! I speak, read, AND write all 3 languages fluently.

I was born in Haiti and left at 13, lived in California where I got NO KREYOL for 6-7 years and had to learn it all over again.

AND DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR WHO YOU ARE! I have been on this blog for over 5 years and have enjoyed every bit of it. You are very entertaining.

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