This catastrophe could have been avoided, if our leaders had...

Carol Toussaint Honorat - February 22 2011, 10:36 AM

This catastrophe could have been avoided, if our leaders had shown the sense of responsibility needed to rule a country.

A week following the incident, there is not a firm statement of the Government requesting:

a) An apology to the haitian people first and foremost from the Jamaican government

b) Also to the U17 soccer team which pride was crushed by the inhuman treatment received at the hands of the former african slaves (Jamaicans); therefore causing damages such as: endangering their welfare while holding them against their will in their hotel room, depriving them of food, water, freedom and at the same time preventing them from playing the game which was the sole purpose of their presence on that island.

If this much cannot be done to heal the wounded pride of the nation and the soccer team; we are left Mr. President to resort to your famous option: "Nage pou ou soti".

although we do not know exactly the meaning of it.

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