Listen, my intervention will be on three (3) points: 1- The...

Joe - February 20 2011, 3:15 PM

Listen, my intervention will be on three (3) points:

1- The players should have been submitted under medical tests in Haiti before they got in the plane to Jamaica.

Dadou Jean Bart who is a medical doctor is in this business for too long and should have known that our players are real ambassadors that we have actually and had failed to prepare a guideline for international competition and because of his failure; we have that from the Jamaicans.

2- Malaria is not a contagious illness and the Mayor of Montego bay should have known that better than anyone else. Because of his actions, Haiti is eliminated from the competition and it is sad. I don

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I do not believe that and bagay sa se yon mank de...

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