I think that is an insult to all of us, as Haitian we don't...

Gladys - February 19 2011, 7:31 PM

I think that is an insult to all of us, as Haitian we don't deserve this humiliation from any body, who do the think they are. Even Jamaican too. Cholera is not only for the People of Haiti or Earthquake.

Jamaican will get there own portion some day.And as full blooded Haitian I demand that the Jamaican government to pay for their action .I believe that no nation should be looking down on me as Haitian today if you Jamaican can look at a white men up it is because of my fight that i have put up for you. How on earth Jamaican government could do this. I am not only asking for an apology but to wear my flag as Haitian and to go to Haiti and kiss my soil. Oh one day you will be looking for a Haitian.

Cholera was imported to the people of Haiti just like you Jamaican.

I am mad.

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