Dear one. I want you to understand something, not to be...

Kathleen - February 16 2011, 10:44 PM

Dear one. I want you to understand something, not to be misleading.

I am an older woman, and I have some physical issues.

I have never been to your country, though someday who knows?

I do in my small way, what I can.

I don't know exactly where you are in Haiti.

My friends who go to Haiti just arrived there today! They go on medical missions, and they do dental work out in the country.

They help to build, orphanages, homes, churches.

They take what they have, stretch it as far as it will go and make it better in some way. If you are able, please find Bro. Jean Claude Sylvain.

He lives in PAP I believe.

He pastors a church and works for the children in 2 orphanages that he oversees.

I met this brother years ago. He has a wonderful family and this is a man of honor, a man of God in the best sense of the word. The friends who are there now, are honest and true. I know these people personally.

Network with people, seek others with a like-minded vision for your country.

It is better to be of actual use, to be a real help than to just see what should be done. Be a doer child.

Love to you, and keep in touch.

Me Sey

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very well say,very well educated. you must let people...

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