For the record, I do support Haiti...I give, more than words...

Kathleen - February 14 2011, 4:31 PM

For the record, I do support Haiti...I give, more than words.

I am not rich or even well off. What I am is b-l-e-s-s-e-d, by God to make a little go a wys further.

I spent alot of time online looking for emergency housing, next phase building, domes, homes made of tires and plastered over, shipping container houses, and many more which would be much more likely to stand up to hurricane winds, and not be so heavy, like cememt in case of earthquake.

My personal choice, I know it is NOT my choice, would be the dome, for many reasons.

Anyway, I took it seriously and I sent them to people.

One can hope, 'eh?

Not blowing my own horn, just letting you know, some of us are trying.

You, darlin', need our prayers and blessings even if you don't know it. My blessings and my prayers have legs on them. I still maintain that it is better to do something than nothing, like the gentleman in the story.

When people do nothing they become like those cadavers...

they will begin to stink and rot, on the inside.

It is true, no one who has not been there could begin to imagine...Most of us cannot get we try to support those who can go, or are already there.

I cannot personally deliver a platform for you, from which to make your entreaties, and present your opinions and ideas, only you can do so. I sincerely hope you can get through to whomever you need to reach to discuss possibilities, hopes, dreams.

I hope, pray, and yes, ask for a blessing for you and your educated friends to find some way to be part of the process, instrumental in Haiti's future, and to begin to create...plans, schools, ventures, businesses, clinics, good government...

and for inspiration for the wisest ways in which to accomplish this.

I do believe you will have to do it in levels...immediate survival needs met, but without stopping there! As soon as it is possible, an intermediate re-building phase is urgent, always with an eye on the final goal, working towards the ultimate establishment of a newer, smarter, vastly improved way of life for ALL of the fine Haitian people.

Of course, with so huge a job ahead, it is difficult to even conceive of actually doing it. It will take generations, but each decade will be better, and each generation will benefit if it is done by honest men and women of virtue.

It does take a beginning...and here in the USA, we are STILL working on getting it right.

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