I can say with confidence 'NO", and they can both afford an...

Josy - February 9 2011, 2:46 PM

I can say with confidence 'NO", and they can both afford an entire staff to care for the family.

They also do not have our mentality, and I can bet on it. I do not have issues with a starving family from the countryside giving one of their ten kids to a family in the city in order to save her life. I grew up with what we call "restaveks" in my home, and they were treated fairly.

They were baptized, and had first communion.

They also went to school, and one boy studied with me. We went in my father's car to take the "certificat" exam, and he went on to become a successful welder.

I have stories, and pictures of all of them. My parents put a roof over their heads, and they ate. They went to the doctors, and got a stipend.

They went to church on Sunday, and later to the movies or parks.

We never treated them like slaves, and they always come back to visit as adults.

What would I do if I had ten children that I could not feed, or educate and their lives were in danger?

I would give them up to families like Angelina, and Brad Pitt. I would not let the ship sink with all of us, and it would be extremely selfish of me. I also witnessed severe abuse of children by my neighbors, and those people should been in jail. I would rather be Angelina Jolie's "restavek" than starve to death, and we must change our mentalities.

The "restavek" situation is horrible, and I understand it is happening in the USA. You have to treat all children equally, and they all deserve better lives.

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