I wish that I could adopt, but due to financial and health...

Josy - February 8 2011, 10:33 PM

I wish that I could adopt, but due to financial and health issues it is not possible for now. I wish we had more like in the world, and the diaspora needs to adopt our orphans.

I know many families who can afford one kid, and you do not have to be very rich. You should not expect anything from the child, and your only motive should be to save one life. You can adopt the sex you always wanted, but did not have or if you have no kids yet. I had all boys, and would get a little girl. We have so many Haitians who are doing really well in the diaspora, and could make room for one more kid. I am not talking about turning the child into a "restavek", and we should be prudent about it.

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