I believe living Haiti was a great move. I won't say decision...

I believe living Haiti was a great move. I won't say decision, because it was not my decision at such a young age. However, I like so many other haitians before and after me it was our parents decisiton to come to the United State.

Now that I look back it was a great decision because I now have the oppounity to give back to my people in Haiti and also to educated them in so many differnet aspack of life that they may never exprence.

Nevertheless, it is to my acknowledment that I believe, "We" well, same of us outsiders we have GREATER LOVE for our country than the people who are living in it. We or "same" of us thinks of a billion ways to make it better and do, show what we want to call love for our own. (WHERE IS THE LOVE?)

Why is it that the spanish, Jewish and Italy people come here in the United State and understand that he or she most help the other within this country and out of the country?

However, on the other hand us (some) of us should I say haitans we do not understand the meaning of giving back to our own a helping hand to our neibroher.

once we do so we feel as if people should view us total different like a super star just because we are one step ahead of them.

P.S. To does who feel as if they are a super star go to HOLLYWOOD, which I am petty sure that They will not open the door for you, are you wondering why?

because we have not establish what the business world call a back bone of net-working to open the door for others like our own we take it all in and won't let our own in the net-working business.

"""Our NET-WORKERS, THAT ARE ALREADY IN THE BUSINESS I dear us to let the others in.""""!!!!!!! pLEASE lets take a step into our own culture.

Thanks one of the greates Haitian American you will every known.


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