I am watching the memorial ceremony done in Arizona and I went...

Garry Destin - January 12 2011, 10:59 PM

I am watching the memorial ceremony done in Arizona and I went to a Haiti's memorial ceremony.

The American government show leadership in Chaos by calming citizens in words of comfort and understanding.

Haiti started crumbling years before the earthquake actually week before the devastation Haitians were in the news for eating dirt with sugar while Aristide, preval, baby doc and many other Haitian politicians eating gold and diamond.

I have never heard them saying once, I want to help my people, I want to invest in my country, I want to invest in my people.

I hope who ever replace that man shows respect for his people.

A good king loves his people.

He sleep fine when he knows his people are fine and he cries when the least among his people cry.
Papa Doc was that man. He wasn't perfect by no means but I know Haiti would have been one quarter built with his own findings.

I hope Haiti and Haitians never meet these people aging in their lives

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