I feel that the people of haiti and the people of Louisiana...

Mia - December 30 2010, 12:02 PM

i feel that the people of haiti and the people of Louisiana have a lot in common and are related culturally no matter how long down the line. I am from New Orleans Louisiana and my one of my great grandmothers came to new orleans from france and married one of my great grandfather who was a free person of color who was born in Haiti.

both Haitians and Louisiana creoles have the right to claim Beyonce.

I also feel that like the haitians, the people from New Orleans have been oppressed for many years but both of us are strong peoople with a beautiful culture.

The thing about beyonce being creole ..i dont know if its true anyway..i mean just because you are light skin doesnt mean you are creole..because there are many darkskin creole people.

But if she is both Haitian and Louisiana Creole have the right to claim her.

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Man all I have to say is this: Haiti ain't never been...

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