I dont realy b-live in voodoo but I think now its broubly having an effect on me .Its been more then 3 years I left Haiti to USA, I had a girl friend in haiti I call her for the first month when I got here after that me and her had an argument and we stopped talking but she always had my address and then 7 months after our brake up she send me a letter saying that: I WILL NEVER HAVE no Haitian girl friends sence that day I read that letter I can not find no more Haitian girl friend I had so many relationship with others girls (spanish, trinidadian etc....) I dont realy feel confortable with them I want to get back to my people my BLOOD I dont know what to do can some one Help me out there plaese
recholove [at] hotmail.com
recho42 [at] hotmail.com

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