Get off this site, and you are not Haitian. You here to insult...

Josy - November 14 2010, 8:19 PM

Get off this site, and you are not Haitian.

You here to insult us more, but I will absolutely not put up with it and Dominicans hare race issues.

I have been there as a tourist from New York City, and went to get my hair done at the hotel's beauty parlor.

I was asked by a Dominican lady where I was from, because I was speaking in English and Creole.

I told her I was an Haitian living in the US, and she replied "tu es una Haitiana fina".

I am very light skin, and she did not consider me a Haitian.

My grandchild is half Dominican, and half Haitian.

His maternal family treat him differently, because he has "bad hair" and those words are from his grandma.

She even treats her children differently according to their skin tone, and hair texture.

I lived in New York for 21 years, and have visited all five continents.

I also lived in Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Dominicans are confused, and do not get it. You are either Black, White, Red, or Yellow and there is no in between races.

You have Puerto Ricans who think it is a race, but it is a culture and it means a mixture of races.

I have Latinos saying they do not speak Mexicans, and Mexicans speak Spanish.

You need to back off, and get off this site. I do not particularly care for Dominicans, and Haitians have been treated like animals there.

I do not want to take my frustration on you, and suggest you stop sending me messages.

The US constitution stated if you have one drop of black blood running in your veins that you are a negro, and I am proud to be a Negra with bad hair. Do you know what you are?

This is the same confusion in Argentine, and they have so many psychiatrists there.

They all think that they are Italians, and Europeans.

They cannot accept that they are Argentinians, and they are all nuts. I draw my conclusion about Dominicans based on my observations, and if Haitians were mulatos they would have not been mistreated in the Dominican Republic.

We have plenty of Dominican sex workers in Haiti, and they are not mistreated by Haitians.

I could never be friend with a Dominican, because they believe in their hearts Haitians are inferiors due to our darker skins and nappy hair. Your message is written in a way to belittle me, and put me down. It will not work, because I know where I came from and I certainly know where I am going.

I am an African born in Haiti, and living in the USA. What are you?

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