I'm now in Saint Marc (bas artibonite) I confirm it's a truth...

Tim - October 20 2010, 7:43 PM

I'm now in Saint Marc (bas artibonite) I confirm it's a truth.

The hospital of Saint Nicolas here in Saint Marc is now overcharged.

It is going to be like another January12th.

Curently most of the cases arriving at the hospital are the people living in and in the surrounding of the artibonite valley.

A friend of mine traveled to gonaives he witnessed tens of funerals along the roads.

What should people do?

There is a call from a Doctor asking people to stop using the water coming from the river of artibonite.

But is there an alternative source?not sure. Do the officials care enough to bring the people potable water?

not sure any intiative of this kind is undertaken yet. Haiti needs a Mo

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