Master Woodring This Is great for the haitian creole language...

Yo El - October 14 2010, 8:38 AM

Master Woodring
This Is great for the haitian creole language, and Its also good for haitian pride.

As a non haitian but creole speaker I have had to correct some haitians
many times on to their surprise when I spoke creole to them their response was
Oh you speak french my response was:non m-pa pale france se creole map pale avek ou, then they would say to me In english Its the same, and I would say It Is not.they were not too please when I disagreed with them.
And also this Is great for those other Islands out their to have pride In their creole language thats different from Haiti's creole like:Martinique, Dominica,Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, and maybe some others.

What I really like what you said was Creole Is the official language of Haiti
Not french.

Varoom neg gin tan ale, I'm outta here.

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