Yes back on the 80"s kassave was the beatle sound for the...

Martine Civil - September 29 2010, 1:31 AM

yes back on the 80"s kassave was the beatle sound for the haitians.

like in the early 60"s when john lennon was the elvis for the american's generation.

my respect to the group especially his childrens wife, family and friends.

condoleance to the entire country (guadeloupe)we as haitians we are mourning with you and for you patrick I dedicate this song for you that you are not alone! your love and caring shall always be remembered I love You.all I know that you are in peace in heaven.

Question is there a link where our community can send flowers to the family and one bouquet of flowers that can be giving to guadeloup in behalf of haiti as an retuned to it giant artist and singer.

I live in guadeloup the guadeloupeans will respect the taught of thinking for its leader.

there society are very grateful.

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