"You wrote a letter to your congressman and you never get any...

Will Smith - September 21 2010, 12:09 PM

"You wrote a letter to your congressman and you never get any feedback from Corrine Brown." Are you serious about that?

How long has it been?

If you are telling the truth, then your congressman needs to be fired! Any congress member or any elected offical in America has an obligation to response to any inquiries or letters from their constituents in a timely matter.

Yes, they have to answer you whether or not they can help you. Corrine Brown's district cannot be any larger than one of a US Senator for her not to answer to her constituents.

If you got ignored by your elected offical, it's time to make some big noise by jamming the phone lines, flood the airwaves and the mailboxes.

Someone has to listen to you. You need to embarass and put her on the spot for failing to reply to your inquiries.

Whether or not you voted for her it's irrelevant as long as you live in her district.

This is America, not Haiti, so speak up!!

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