QUO VADIS HAITI with ignorance as leadership? Truthly, being...

Claude Dorce - July 29 2010, 1:50 PM

QUO VADIS HAITI with ignorance as leadership?

Truthly, being presidentiable requires certain accademical preparations, providing that you have the adequat political capacities to run a country.

Being a CEO of either a financial enterprise or NGO's just like an old Ross Perrot of IBM, or Mr Forbes of Forbes Magazine, both USA presidential candidates, doesn't necesarely qualified any kind of individual to target the office of presidency.

Criterias of the presidency are divers, and in no circumstances is not varied or else, based on the types of countries.

First of all one of the most important means for the position, is the language spoken by the nation; therefore in Mr Wyclef situation the country is already facing a communication disaster.What a shame for a President to be repeating an old Antoine Simon's situation in this modern era of the haitan politics.

Yes we are living the time of HIP HOP music ;but, can the haitian people be understood in HIP-HOP language.

No my friends, we do not wish to turn HaITI like a stage of comedy where the whole country will be a laughing political audience every time Mr Wyclef just like Antoine Simon made the nation ridiculizing him whenever he opened his mouth to speak to the nation.

What a shame?

Does that mean Haiti is out of class or political credenza capacity?

What can one expect for the future of this nation with a Presidentto be of this kind. Should you need constantly an interpretor to translate the President every time he will have to speak.

Imagine A francophonic President visit the haitian leader, and the interpretor must be present at all time and any where.What a chaos?

Secondly, One of the most proeminent french philosopher and legislator of 19th century " Montesquieu " mentionned in his famous book " Spirit of the Law " the leader must anticipate the Virtue of the Country in order to be admitted as leader.

Over here, that stated Virtue is no more, but, the love of the country.

Do we have that today in that kind of leadership?

The fact of running an NGO name " Y

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