UNLESS GOD INTERVENES. If God wants Haitians to change they...

Josy - June 16 2010, 6:34 PM


If God wants Haitians to change they will be transformed in the blink of an eye. The principal applies to the rest of the world, and THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE has the last word.

I use to work with a bunch of racist white women, and they did not associate with Blacks.

I later discovered they were sleeping with the Black men who work there, and supporting them. The same white women were sneaking the brothers in their homes, and hotels.

They brought cars, co-op, paid tuition, paid for designer clothes, and took them on trips overseas.

They did not want to be seen with Blacks, but secretely were worshipping our men and paying for their time. They also travel to the islands to be with Black men, and support them.

The morale of the story women are hypocrites, and pretend to be prejudice.

It is the same situation with the Dominicans, and they are crazy about Haitian men but do not like Haitians.

It is crazy.

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Haitians can never change they will always remain the...

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Listen I love haitians men and I love my country ok...

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