You have Haitians who cannot read, or write and others do no...

Josy - June 13 2010, 6:10 PM

You have Haitians who cannot read, or write and others do no speak English.

You also have Haitians pulling each other's teeth with plyers in garages, and who knows what else is going on in their basements.

I had a terrible toothache one time, and was in a store.

A Haitian geleman offered to take me to someone who could pull my tooth for $50 versus the $500 plus a legitimate dentist asked me. I thanked him very much, and got out of there.

It is the same problems in the Spanish Communities, and there is an underground network from doctors to gardners in the Latino communities here. I heard over the years living here people who died from botched plastic surgeries, illegal silicone injections, anesthesia with shots met for horses, and all kinds of nightmares' stories.

We tend to trust those who speak our language, and do not ask serious questions.

The scammers, fast talkers, and con artists know it. They are taking advantage of their own people, and should spend a very long time in jail. What would you do if you could not read?

speak English?

and have no papers?

The scams are conducted by the ones who are educated against their uneducated brothers, and sisters.

They are always in suits, and ties.
1) TAXES - the tax preparer makes you sing two forms, and one is made out to him - He gets the big check, cashed it, and give you some change.

2) LOTTO - someone approaches you, and claim he/she won the lotto but is here illegally.

You get the ticket to collect the millions, but must give a few thousands to him/her and you get to keep the rest.
3) TPS - You have heartless Haitians who are asking $2,000.00 to file the documents.The Africans do it to each other, and that is where we got it from. Haitians are just the Nigerians, and always up to some big scams.

I could go on, and on about the stories.

The solution is not easy, and that is why our country is in such bad shape.

The billion dollars' question is: HOW DO YOU CHANGE HAITIANS MENTALITIES?

I do not have the answer, and we need a miracle.

We probably should try to save the younger generation, and teach them civic & morale.

Some of us who are honest, and cannot accomplished a lot in a very short time. The fast talkers buy mega mansions, fancy cars, have maids, put their children in private schools, and live luxury lives.

You can work ten jobs, and you still cannot get there.

You ever wonder why Haitians do not put together, and open a mega supermarket.

We are making the Latinos, and Koreans super rich. How many tax services do we really need in a community?

Money Transfer?

Insurance agents?

Immigration Services?

The answer is simple there is no easy money in the supermarket, and they can get rich quick with the other ventures.

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