I just don't understand why someone would pay an organization...

Damebochie - June 13 2010, 2:55 PM

I just don't understand why someone would pay an organization to take care of his/her immigration businesses, when he/she can go straight to the source.

The uscis.gov webpage provide enough information to people about immigration cases.

Not only they provided the forms needed there, but you also have detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms.

They also provide a timeline to find out when your case will be processed.

I feel bad for people who lost their money in this situation, but honestly anpil nan nou pa renmen ale direkteman nan sous la, nou prefere pase chimen kwochi.

I have some friends here who are asking me about immigration stuffs, I told them go straight to the immigration services webpage because it doesn't matter if we are both from Haiti, we are two separate individuals, therefore our cases are distinct.

Immigration services also provide lawyers to help you with your immigration papers.

It's a shame to see Haitians Organizations are scamming Haitians for immigration services.

It's sickening! But again many of us prefer to ask Papa Djo about our immigration stuffs instead of making a phone call to the immigration services customer services.

Let this be the last time organizations, haitians or not, take money from us for immigration services.

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