Thank you Naomi for choosing to do such a good humanitarian...

Josette Arnoux - June 1 2010, 1:01 AM

thank you Naomi for choosing to do such a good humanitarian gift to haiti yes indeed the children in haiti need a lift. when I read this article I felt as if I was a part of this group.

please be certain that the organization that will handle your donation is well knowledgeable on how to spend the fair share of the monies (money)Myself as a registered organization in haiti (NGO)support by the Usaid helping me making the difference in haiti newborn with aids or some who dosen't have anyone to look after they daily living.

please if you can let me know where to contact whom to see in behalf of your project I will be glad to form a coallision with there entities like this every corner in the city can participate.Mrs Campbell thank you for thinking of haiti the children of haiti will appreciate your kindness as well as the haitians citizen my gratitude to you.have a safe trip. I remain Mrs M. civil at (407)682-7821 or407 862-7180

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