Living a country without water, electricity, good traffic...

Atchy - May 1 2010, 11:48 AM

living a country without water, electricity, good traffic road, communications means to all of us as living in a grave yard. I read over and over all the articles that proclaimed every where in internet, news paper, radio and televison since january 12 i never hear a plan for Haiti i mean a stable plan says like we are going to start rebuild Haiti tomorrow and it will take us 2 or 3 years to finish our project for Haiti.

When it comes to Haiti every one acts danm id does'nt matter international, national or local i dt have o tell you about our government.

What do we need exactly today to stand back in our feet?

An open door that's all, they lock us too long we simply ask for an open door. Give us a chance we need it and we are tired living with only talk we need actions now. We need you because you said we are going to help us but come on where are you from january 12 and you do know what you did to us.We are sick and tired seeing our beautiful land Haiti like that you cause that you know that. You bring black out in our country for your good reason, your own opportunity to do what ever you wanna do with us, no water, no communication, no jobs you finally close all our door so we can depend on you all the time. If you wanna be my dadd treat me like your son.

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