Haiti is a republic and not a democracy. Power, land...

Ana - March 22 2010, 9:00 PM

Haiti is a republic and not a democracy.

Power, land ownership, everything, rest with the people.

The only role of government is to protect the rights of the people and protect the country against foreign invaders.

That's how the country was set up by our founding fathers who knew what was best for us. We have been under attack for years as a nation and the only reason why we are still here is because of our individual autonomy from the government.

Can you imagine the shape we would be in if as individual Haitians we should turn over control of the land to that corrupt government?

They would sell it all to special interest groups and have us living in concentration camps.

The government has failed miserably at performing the only job that they were entrusted with, so why should they be trusted with any additional responsilities.

Land ownership should rest with the people period.

This is our culture and this is the form of government that we have. Like other readers commented, the Haitian government has land and if they wanted to find it, they would have. This is just a tactic to push some hidden agenda.

WAKE UP my Haitian brothers and sisters! Every time we think that the situation in Haiti cannot get any worst, it does. Don't wait until everything is stripped away from us before we realize how good we had it.

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