Woodrin, ther more than enough of gverment land in the...

Thomas - March 22 2010, 6:29 PM

Woodrin, ther more than enough of gverment land in the country, from where i grow up like yousaid, gin anpil (te leta).

the trouble is, our goverment has been too lazy to locate and organize their own land for number one, and for # 2 the big government have been too busy stealing our money, they let little political organisation to deal with our goverment land
for #, some goverment land has been pass on to people through some political organisation, in excgange to vote for somebody, (senateur, depute, magistra, kazek etc...) believe me it is true, i know what i am talking about and some of them sold illigal to others with no legal paper, but the goverment will have hard time locate them as they never knew wher they were in the first place.

But by saying that there still be plenty gvernment land they can find if they need, except our goverment wants everything ready to go, they don't want to do any work for the money they making or taking.

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