What's in a name

I believe you are right on the money regarding the naming conventions of our foods.

For the longest time I felt that Haitians underscore the value of their own cuisine.

We all know Ti Marche' or as you put the Diri avec poire, etc...

All the major restaurants have an influence from an other culture that is not their own. We sell to our own people but sometimes the service we receive or the quality of the food is sub-standard.

As a Haitian-American chef I am slowly but surely changing the perception of our cuisine.

Haitian food is the best tasting and unique food on the market.

It is robust, flavourful and spicy.

All the things that inspire a new market to develop.

But, a new market cannot develop if people don't know the food is out there.

We service our own community and forget that the world is our oyster.

During the last 5-10 years we have had a lot of "foodies" that watch the FOOD TV NETWORK and want to try new food ideas and cuisines.

They cannot know about our food because we keep it to ourselves, unless you know a Haitian person or know about the culture you will not know about our food. I feel that we have a lot to offer the world, moreso since that whole debacle in our home country has taken place.

I believe now is the time to start changing the mindset of the whole world.

There are a lot of individuals who believe in us and everything we do but some of our constant negativity has done more harm than good. To close, I hope to change the mind set of individuals one person at a time. I have launched a business campaign to market a new fusion version of our beef patties.

A lot of the flavours are inventive using some of our basic staples.

I have gotten a lot of great responses from my customers.

My goal is to eventually market these products to large supermarket chains and help break the stereotype regarding our people.

So please keep up the good work and keep informing and educating our community.

Speak to you soon.

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