Why haitian's cuisines are not too atractive to many other people.

Mr., I do not know you but you're a funny person for coming up with these

Nevertheless, I will input my opinion into this matter.

first of all
My favorite dish is creol not haitian.

The composition of creol food is more

Haitain's food does not have the attractiveness to encourage
or to evolve customers days in and out of their businesses.


elegancy is very important in Restaurant business.

secondly, the presentation
appearance of the persons who serve the food. Thirdly, Haitian Restaurants
enterpriser do not make extra efforts to explore the methods of cooking.

As long
ever they are. Poisson grier, viend cochon grier etc. Haitians would eat it.

To be a Cheft, it requires motivations and respect for the customers.

Most haitians would not want to spend a few dollars more to eat at a
prestigious Restaurant that serves creol dishes which is composed of
french and African culture or in Italian Restaurants.

Haitian food is not creol food.The creol dishes are ritched with proper
ingredients not greasy.

Haitian's foods are poorly prepared.That is the
reason why the food have the same common name.

I am a single man, twenty years ago I took courses on how to prepare many different dish.
I cook when ever it's needed.

I have not ate haitian's food except my mothers' cooking and that
was twenty years ago, which she died of high blood pressure.

On special occasion I might take time out to cook creol or other food
for perhaps a special lady friend.

whoever she may be, served with wine and with
favorite music and candlelight.

I would not dare prepare some of the foods you're mentioned and

As long haitians are willing to eat anything, so be it. "you are what you eat".

I think all men should learn to cook and they wouldn't die before their wives.

These haitian's cooking would do it to you before you know it. C'est pas
laper len vent et laper len tete, c'est la mort tout le joure.

I would not
eat Haitian's food if I can help it. Your readers out there do not feel
offended; because whatever is good for one man, is not necessary good
for another man. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling.

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