1 Solution to Repair Haiti

Solution for Haiti
My beloved haitian brothers and sisters, it is a beatiful moment for us to be celebrating our 200 year of independence.

It is the proudest moment for us Haitians but inside I feel sad.
we did not progress the way we should have
The streets are still dirty, there are no attraction for tourists, especialy our number one tourists which consist of 95% Hatian.

our families and friends who take a pilgrimage every year for the bad and worst situations.

In my opinion, I think Haiti needs the following

1st - To build a very big jail house in one of our little islands.

he who want peace prepares for war. not in a bad way, but to get the thieves off the street.

2nd - We will change the way we circulate and our transportation by running 3 rail road tracks: one for cargo only and two for regular transportation, all 3 of them will be conecting to all the state capitols.

now the contry will be ready to circulate.

total of people to keep this project running 5,000 for a period of 24 hour a day.

3rd - A new temporary law will be put in place about littering to let every one know we meen buisness.

then increase the cleaning crew to keep the street clean, all prisoners must participate in the cleaning process.

total people to run this operation 1,000 in a 24hr period.

4th - Set a program to help all the farmers to produce their crops.

at that point, the contry will have a sense of "moving forward" to a new milenium.

Now the contry will be in a rebuiling process starting from the president elected.

5th - Any president elected who do not build a high rise building or a public building (library, ect...) will not be eligible for re-election, no exception, no matter what.

If haitI is not up and runing than we will go to plan "b".

By putting haiti in the map, we will have a new law every one 21 and over will be able to optain a licence for a small fee valid for 15 days, to smoke weed in the country.

to be continue

part 2


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