In order for Haiti to heal back to the way it was before the...

In order for Haiti to heal back to the way it was before the destructive
of Duvaliers dictatorships, all the Haitian Americans would have to re-
united and invest their money on educate most of the population in

We know that would never happen.

The new population in Haiti
is too violent.

I would like to help and invest in Haiti but I'm afraid for
my life. The new population is too primitive.

The old Haitian history has
not been taught in school to built the nation pride.

A nation win no pride
is to say a General with no army. Please do not misunderstand me.
I love my country very much but too much bloods shade has conta-
minated the land of Haiti.

Yes we Haitians over seas will like to return

We cry out for miracles to happen to Haiti.

Hopes is all there are.
I left Haiti when I was 12 years of age with my family to USA. That was
40 years ago. I went back to visit Haiti two years ago in 2002 with the
idea to built a resort and creat jobs. The people that were with me got
scare that of bad things could have happened to me. I had to ware
undesirable clothes so no one would know that, I was from New York.
I cryed for two nights for what I saw happened to Haiti.

I was there for
only one week and I had to hurry back to New York. How Haiti will ever
get help?

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