I welcome his visit, because we need all the help that we can...

Josy - February 18 2010, 10:45 PM

I welcome his visit, because we need all the help that we can get. The Jews say "never again" due to the holocaust, and we also should use this powerful phrase.

The French worries that the US is going to occupy Haiti, and that is the only reason their president set his foot on our soil. Africans in Africa, and in the diaspora are too naive.

I hate the fact that we speak French, and wish we spoke Spanish.

They should start teaching English, Spanish, and French in schools from 1st grade until graduation (14 years).

We are isolated, because we speak French.

I have met some Haitians who think they are French, and it is sad. It is the same sickness in Argentina, and they think they are Italians.

The majority of Argentinians suffer with mental illness, and mental health is a big problem there.

I personally have been discriminated against by Haitians in Haiti, and abroad.

I chose to no longer perm my hair after 21 years due to allergies, and some Haitians have serious issues with wearing their hair "au natural".

You are not French, and are Afro Haitian.

You do not speak French, but Creole is your native language.

I understand that Haiti has oil, and the world has their eyes on it now. We need to be prudent, and keep a very close watch on what is going on in our country now. The French, Americans, Dominicans, or Canadians do not love you. There is a power struggle right now in our country, and all of a sudden France is our best friend.

I would rather the USA, or Canada take over the country.

I have been to the US Virgin Islands, and seen what the Americans have done there.

I want the same for my country, and besides we are closer to America.

The Blacks, and Native Americans are so naive.

I do not have to say no more, and you know what happened to both races.

Yes there are four races: Black, White, Yellow, and Red. We must never forget the genocide against our people, and France needs to get lost. We want the millions we paid to France for our independence, and I do not want them to act like they are doing us a big favor.

It is our money, and I want it back to rebuilt the country.

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