If Only All Haitians Knew They Were BLACK!

I guess part of being human is the fact that we use our brains to think

So, let's think for a minute.

If you look at the communities that prosper like the jewish community and the oriental community, they succeed because they work together.

I have no idea how this started but there seems to me more prejudice amongst ourselves then the prejudice that exist on the outside in.

I'll tell you this much...

One of the reasons black people cannot get along is because...

- One is Black
- One is 'Blacker'

Until we stop making distincions between Black, light skin, grimo, grimmelle, tèt kròt, cheve siro, milat, milatress, arab, nèg nwè, nèg sòt, nèg andeyò, neg nan mòn, nèg lavil, uptown, downtown, bidonvil, petionvil, filosòf...


need I continue?

Haiti is the first BLACK nation in the world and it's 200 years old now

For 200 years, we fail to realize that "Hey we are all Black"

We need to recognize that and get over it.

Only then can Haiti have a change to prosper

I hope to live to see that day

Woodring Saint Preux

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