A president traveling and visiting a former colony is simply...

Harry Laurenceau - February 18 2010, 5:03 AM

A president traveling and visiting a former colony is simply like any human being traveling and visiting a country.

The question is: Why does it take the occurrence of a catastrophic event for a French president to visit Haiti?

If I am not mistaking, no French president had ever visited Haiti before President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Could it be that his visit is an occasion for a planned Caribbean vacation, or could it be a move to serve his political agenda back in France?

Time will tell.

Considering the current situation in which the earthquake has left Haiti, a productive visit of the French President would be a visit for France to assess the damaged Haitian towns and be a collaborating figure in the procurement and execution of an infrastructure that is equivalent or surpassing those of developed countries.

In other words, it would be for France to be committed to provide finance and professionals to help to build structurally balance, solid, and contemporary residential buildings in Haiti.

His visit would be somehow futile if it were to make any deep connection now with the historic past.

This French presidential visit is France's second visit, the first one by French colonists concerns the colonization of the Haitian territory centuries ago.

Now people, be concerned about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

He says: "Behold, I am coming soon!..." (Revelation 22:12).

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