I am totally agree with you. We haitian do not put aside our differences.

We call each other names.

We think, we are superior than others.

Totally false.

We have a country that needs our help, our support, our knowledge, etc. That poor country have produced Engineers, Doctors, Mathematicians, Programmers, Nurses, Teachers, Actors, Singers, Name it, it is haitian.

When are we going to stop thinking about ourselve but our beautiful poor country.

When are we going to let visitors or strangers take over our land. This land is our land of feedom (it is haitian land) where we can go to retited, to spend the cold, sweety, subway money that we have worked hard for. Let Haiti prospere by we all get together to be one for our country.

Let stand up and say Union Fait La Force.

Let we all help Haiti to come out of the dark side. Let we all put our voices together to help Haiti.

I enjoy reading your comment about Haiti.

Keep on reading and writting.

Your Haitian reader Al.

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