In reply to your article concerning our country being the...

In reply to your article concerning our country being the "poorest in the hemisphere," Like you, I hate it too when other countries, especially the U.S. refer to it that way.
They do this because they want to supress us. at the same time, you have these politicians in our country who have no shame, who have no idea what it means to be a haitian, who does nothing to entice haitians like me, who have left the country for over 35 years unwillingly to be able to return home and bring back my knowledge to help my country.

I agree that we have to unite.

The solution is for all those who are living abroad to start making some noise, and to start voicing their dipleasure and return to Haiti with all our knowledge to make a difference.

Until then, we will always remain "The poorest..." in the eyes of the world.

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