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Shannon Davidson - September 7 2019, 12:31 PM

Hello, I have a simple question.

I am a fantasy novel writer, and in my current work, one of my characters is Haitian.

She and her husband live in Texas, and run a farm that is also a sanctuary for people in need. I have tried several different names for the farm that reflect what these people do, but none really work. I need a short two to three word name for the farm that means something along the lines of "safe haven."

I have looked at Refij San Danje, and San Malis, but it's not quite right.

Any ideas?

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Woody says...

A common way Haitians describe somewhere safe in Creole is ke poze hope this helps more »

Shannon says...

Thank you. If I were to describe the meaning to the readers, what is the exact translation of ke poze? Peace is as close as I can find. more »

Shannon says...

How would one say "without fear" as if it were a family motto or crest. or "without fear or malice" more »