You hit the nail right on the head. I'm a U.S soldier who has just spent 10 months in Kuwait.

The first thing I wanted to do when I returned back the the U.S in November was to go to the country that stole my heart back in 1994, during Operation Uphold Democracy.

I started a foundation in Haiti after that deployment.

It is called the Soleil Foundation.

Our goal is to educated the peasant poor in Haiti.

We started with a small school in Port au Prince with one teacher and about 20 kids. Today, we are located in Leogane, with over 125 kids, 20 orphans and five school teachers.

Our kids are even learning English.

Although this challenge of mine has cost me all of my savings and all of my vacation time, it has been the greatest thing I've done with my life. The Soleil Foundation is almost finished with their first project, a headquarters building.

The second project will be a new school house.

The property for that project was purchased over the recent holidays.

The Soleil Foundation's goal is to educate the poor so that they can provide for themselves.

We realize that you can't just dump money in to this country without providing the needed education for the people so that they can use the money to make more money.

Education also allows the people to live a better life because knowledge equals wealth.

Thanks for what you said. It's the truth.

I believe that the Haitian people are finally realizing that what you said is right.

Paul A. Cormier
President and Founder
Soleil Foundation
A 501(c)3 Non-profit Charity

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