Woody, Great and healthy topics here. I have never fasted in...

Al - November 19 2018, 9:52 AM


Great and healthy topics here. I have never fasted in my life, but It can greatly beneficial to your health.

According to some scientific reports, fasting for couple or few days would reset your metabolism back to normal.

If you see yourself gaining weight constantly, your metabolism probably has been sleeping and need to be reset.

Don't forget: water is food too because it contains minerals(hydrogen and oxygen)which keep your system up and working as normal.

That is the reason some folks were able to stay alive even though they did not eat any actual food. I would not advice anyone to go to that extreme of fasting for 7 or more days, but It will definitely a big boost to your system and reactivate your metabolism if you can fast for 2 or 3 days every once in a while.

If any of you all have been struggling to loose weight, get back in shape or have a slow or very slow metabolism, this method can help you.

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