Kanye West lives in a cocoon of ignorance

Eunice Tassone - May 2 2018, 12:12 PM

The man lives in a cocoon of ignorance.

No arguments or intelligent discussion will change his or others with a like mindset.

Let him stew in his ignorance, which is a choice.

Sadly the US doesn't mention Haitian history perhaps because in 1917 they occupied Haiti under the guise of aide and raped its forests of its rich woods.

At that time the Haitian people were too busy surviving to realize what we were doing.

France and Spain can also bear some of the blame for the conditions of Haiti.

The 1991 Clinton interference in Haiti and the deposing of the first elected President, wasn't to favor Haiti.

US is so pretentious and its population so gullible it is a surprise that we continue to be a super power.

There is much we can learn from the people of Haiti in terms of resilience in spite of extremely limited resources especially in disasters.

Contrary to popular belief the amount of money promised to Haiti for disaster relief, is just that a promise.

The accountability for the earthquake disaster from major NGO 's such as Red Cross, is a travesty.

There is a high percentage of countries that renege on the promised funds.

In spite of that Haiti survives.

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